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Designing a bathroom is a challenge however, with our highly knowledgeable and experienced in-house designers and sales consultants, the process is made a whole lot easier. Focusing on the practical elements of your bathroom first, we start the planning of your bathroom, once this is achieved, we can then really hone in on the style side to start of the designing of your project by understanding your wants and desires to achieve the finished bathroom you envisaged and show you through 3-D visualisations along the way. Once we have completed this process of planning and designing, we are able to give you an opportunity to see your bathroom through the eyes of Virtual Reality using VR headsets.


We are also able to offer all of our clients access to our extensive portfolio of manufacturers that we work closely with furthermore, provide you with the benefit of our exclusivity with such suppliers through our buying group.

Our in-house design team are always prepared to either work with you directly or indeed with your preferred architect, interiors design, builder or installer to deliver you the design solution that works best for your bathroom.

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