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Do I renovate my Kitchen or Bathroom first?

Which room should you renovate first? Now that's a good question and one that most people think the kitchen comes first. But here's the thing, whilst talking from experience of doing the kitchen first a few properties ago, (particularly if you're planning on renovating the whole property), the bathroom should always come first and I will explain why.

When you renovate a kitchen, it can affect the whole household, you basically end up living in a building site; dirt and dust everywhere, if you've boxed up the previous kitchen cupboards then you will inevitably have boxes everywhere. Even by thinking that starting the kitchen project in the summer because you can use the barbecue, still has it's issues of where to wash up, the list goes on.

It's a stressful challenge and one that can certainly stir up some heated discussions. So, if you have a depressing bathroom as well as a depressing building site of a kitchen, life can feel pretty dull and with no end in site.

If you have a lovely finished bathroom, where you can wash yourself and most likely the plates, pots and pans, then you will immediately feel better. It can very quickly become a sanctuary, lets say a safe haven even.

I know from experience that by shutting myself in the bathroom to scream whilst in the middle of a kitchen refurb and the bathroom wasn't done, didn't make me feel any better; shut yourself in a finished bathroom to scream, you'll immediately think "screw it, I'll just run myself a relaxing bath and soak away the stress with a glass of wine" all whilst taking in those beautiful tiles, appreciating spending that little extra on your shower or brassware that you and your other half debated over. Let's face it you could spend a good couple of hours in there and forget about what's going on elsewhere in the house.

It really is worth starting with your bathroom first, I'm not just saying it as obviously we would love to help you along the way, but hand on heart, it will be your best decision and one you'll thank us for.


Written by Kate Ware - The Bath Works

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