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Trends for 2019

Over the past year we have been closely keeping our ear to the ground within the industry as to what trends are here to stay for 2019. It’s safe to say, that going bold is the way forward.


No longer shunned as old fashioned, gold is back and proud. Instead of looking garish, a nod to this beautiful metallic, adds a touch of understated glamour and can soften even the most monochrome bathroom.  There are so many more subtle products available with different options of coatings such as antiqued brass, polished gold, rose gold, brushed gold plus many more.


Now here is a style that has firmly found its place in bathroom design and is refusing to budge. Rightfully so, what’s not to love, this can be teamed up with the boldest of printed wallpaper or go all out industrial monochrome. There is such a choice of products out there that are so easy to get hold of to complete a full black accessory look for your bathroom. You could even team it with the gold! 


Oh yes, and we are in love with the muted pastel tones that have been slowly creeping in and credibly so. The big news is that some of the main product manufacturers out there, are producing the most stunning pastel coloured basins, it sure is a way forward for a softer, more muted style.


This is not a style that has just appeared, indeed it has been a strong trend throughout properties globally for a few years now and is certain to stay as a contemporary bathroom scheme. By focusing on textures, rustic finishes and colour, it will help you on your way to a warm but urban feel. 

Within The Bath Works Showrooms, we have lots of bathroom and tile displays to browse but the best part is that we do it with a design studio feel. We offer a free Full Planning and Design Service, that enables you to visualise on screen how your finished bathroom will look. To take advantage of this service, just book your appointment with our Showrooms at a time convenient to you and let us show you that Bathroom Interiors are what we do best. 

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